S o u t h e a s t   K a n s a s   S o c c e r   A c a d e m y

M i n e r s   F. C.  est 2010

Established in 2010,  The Southeast Kansas Soccer Academy is the premier youth soccer academy in Southeast Kansas.  We are here to promote, foster, and perpetuate the game of soccer, as well as develop young athletes.   

It is our philosophy that athletics serve as a vehicle to teach children important life skills.  Competition provides opportunities for youth athletes to learn the value of commitment, hard work, and problem solving.  Training, conditioning, and instruction from licensed and volunteer SEKSA coaches, provide our players with the skills needed to perform at advanced levels in sport and life.

Upon joining the Southeast Kansas Soccer Academy,  athletes will become members of the Sporting Club Network.  Throughout each season, our academy members will have opportunities to receive training and education from professional players and coaches from the Major League Soccer team, Sporting Kansas City. To see the complete list of SCN member benefits visit the Sporting Club Network website.